Vote for Cervus to win Small Business of the Year award.

Incredible news!

We have been nominated for the MS&T Small Business of the Year Award. We are one of three international companies selected as finalists by the competition panel (and we are the smallest!)

This award recognizes exemplary small businesses in the military S&T domain. The competition’s definition of a small business is “a non-subsidiary, independent firm that employs fewer than 50 employees.” An exemplary small business leverages human capital, innovation and agility to grow and meet client needs, while cultivating a growing technical and social influence in the community.

We need you to vote for Cervus.

Please follow the MS&T link here .  Just  follow the instructions on the voting website.  All voters must be MS&T subscribers (but you can request to sign up for a complimentary digital subscription on the voting form) and only one voting session allowed per subscriber this year. Voting will conclude Monday, August 19 at 5pm EDT/9pm UTC. Winners will be announced and highlighted in MS&T’s 4/5 issue publishing mid-September.

Please support us. We have achieved so much in the last 5 years and it would be fantastic for the team to get some recognition for their efforts.

Al Roan- Managing Director