Meet Mark, our new Principal Analyst

When Mark Whitehouse applied for to work with us, we knew we had a dazzling opportunity to continue to enhance our team.

Having been in the Army for nearly 17 years as an Infantry Officer, Mark  spent much his time on the front-line at Regimental Duty, but  has  focused his recent time  within capability and acquisition staff jobs. He completed the Battlespace Technology course and Staff College and then went on to  undertake a significant amount of requirements management for DE&S at Abbey Wood.  Mark’s specialism is within the Dismounted Close Combat (DCC) sphere, looking at Light Forces lethality and associated systems.

 Mark was asked about himself and this next chapter in his life. This is what he had to say:

After nearly 17 years in the Army,  I felt it was the right time for me to try something different. I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Services but needed a new challenge and felt that I could make more lasting change occur in Industry.  Having worked in capability and acquisition I’ve had the advantage of seeing how different companies operate. I first came across Cervus through the Niteworks consortium during the Platoon Combat Experiment series and loved their innovative approach, so when the opportunity to work for Cervus came up, I was very keen to join the team.  I’m really excited about my new role within Cervus because I’ll be able to freely develop ideas with the customer and track them through a driven approach to innovation. Defence needs to change the way it adapts and Cervus are trail-blazing an exciting approach internationally. I think I can help the UK MoD better understand what the problem is and implement solutions quicker and more cost effectively than our competitors.

Alan Roan, Managing Director at Cervus said:

“From the outset of the recruitment process, Mark had clear ambition and an intellect which meant I knew he was the kind of person I wanted on the team.  He understands the end customer, but he thinks like a data engineer. He knows what data is needed to inspire those in a position to make a difference.  They say employ people who are brighter and better than you and get them to tell you what to do!”