We don’t simply accept the status quo; at the heart of the Cervus approach is a culture of change. We understand that innovation is not just about the delivery of new products, it’s also about the delivery of services and commercial approaches. This understanding enables us to accelerate the transition from idea to service. 

We enable our customers to effectively exploit their data to provide them with a comprehensive understanding of their problems, issues and operational performance.
Using pioneering data capture systems, aggregated analytics and our expertise, we provide innovation services to ensure front-line advantage.

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Correctly understanding the nature of your challenges is vital. Only by fully understanding the issues can we develop ways to find solutions.

our scoping process

  • Take time to understand you, the context, the issues and how they interact and are connected.
  • Identify possible methods to tackle the issues
  • Provide options and costings for approval. Indicating how we’d approach your project (the experiment), identifying what we plan to do, what we’ll measure and what we believe are the Key Performance Parameters for success (KPPs).


On acceptance of the initial costings we move on to designing the experiment in more detail, giving careful consideration to the environment, terrain and other risk issues.

Our experiment design process

  • Break down the issues into their constituent parts, designing effective ways to measure KPP data.
  • Plan how the experiment will be delivered cost effectively, efficiently and accurately.
  • De-risk the experiment by ensuring health & safety is properly considered along with all other potential risk areas.
  • Provide final experiment design proposal and costings for approval.


On acceptance of the final costings we move on to running the experiment, which may include multiple events.

Our experimentation process:

  • Deploy and set up the events to be measured, managing all variables, including subjects, carefully.
  • Rehearse and test procedures and equipment
  • Design automation of data collection to increase volume of data
  • Run the events and accurately and reliably gather all required data


Once the experimentation is complete we will have a wealth of valuable data to analyse. Our years of experience with data analysis means we will be able to obtain the most valuable insights for you.

Our analysis process:

  • Understand and organise the data appropriately
  • Analyse the data using sophisticated data analysis tools, largely automated, to work through the data efficiently and deliver accurate findings.


Whilst there may be extensive data, our reporting provides clear and visual means of gaining genuine insight to aid successful decision making.

Our reporting process:

  • Organise findings into a helpful and accessible report, that gives recommendations backed up by evidence.
  • Add indications of validity and reliability of evidence to help guide decision making.


Our reports will help you make well-informed decisions, however knowing how you want things to change is one thing, delivering that change is another.

At Cervus we can help you implement your decisions. We understand the challenges of delivering change in large organisations and how to obtain buy-in at all levels. We have first-hand experience of the both the processes and people skills needed to deliver successful change.